By Robert Adams via Gadget Tendency

Referring to a report prepared by analyst firm Trendfocus, the source claims that 91.8 million SSDs were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2021. This is 11% more in annual terms. In total, 373.2 million SSDs were shipped in 2021.

The total amount of SSDs hitting the market in 2021 reached 597.8 EB. Compared to 2020, the total volume increased by 29%. Analysts note that the impressive growth was achieved despite the constant shortage of components that has plagued and continues to plague the industry.

The undisputed market leader is Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant is ahead of the competition by a wide margin. Counting by the number of drives, Samsung’s share in the fourth quarter is 25.8%, and if counted by the volume of drives, then even 37.0%. By comparison, second-placed WDC’s performance is 15.2% and 14.2%, respectively. A more detailed idea of ​​the distribution of the market is given by the diagram:

Last quarter, 91.8 million SSDs were shipped, and in total for 2021 - 373.2 million

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