In the past, good news for HDD companies was usually linked to higher PC sales. However, this time, the good news comes from an unlikely source, the competition. The rapid takedown of SSD prices during the last two years have led to accelerating SSD attach rates in PCs at the expense of HDDs. That combined with this year’s new smartphone models upping minimum storage capacities and a difficult transition to 3D NAND, supply of NAND is tightening up. So much so, that in some cases, NAND prices are actually increasing. With NAND supply in hot demand, SSD prices may flatten, which may slow the SSD attach rate, especially in mid-range PCs. The timing of this NAND supply shortage could not come at a better time for HDD companies, which have seen HDD sales plummet over 100 million units from 2014 to 2015 and are bracing themselves for another 50+ million drop this year, mainly on the changing dynamics of the PC market. HDD companies are probably wishing that the NAND supply shortage will continue, but unfortunately for them, NAND supply is expected to improve in early 2017, so HDD companies better enjoy this while it lasts because good news for client HDDs may be few and far between in the future.