SSDs continue to show great growth in the commercial notebook PC market.  Depending on a users priorities for what they need in notebook PC, whether it’s a thinner notebook, blazing fast speed, higher capacities, or a combination of any one of these three, they can find an SSD based notebook that is right for them. SATA is the dominant interface today, but PCIe will see some great growth with the next design cycles coming available in the second half of 2015.

However, we still anticipate HDDs will dominate the majority of the notebook PC market through the next few years. The vast majority of the consumer market (approximately 60% of all notebook PCs sold in the world) will still want a new notebook PC with a capacity point at, or larger, than their current system – at a certain price point. Many times, an HDD based system will be the best option for this. Even with aggressive price erosion being offered with SSDs, a 500 GB HDD will still maintain a much lower cost (at the same capacity point) for quite some time.  Exiting 2014, the SSD attach rate reached about 17% for the overall Notebook PC market, and we see strong growth through 2019, reaching over 50% attach rate in this time frame.