CUPERTINO, California – January 19, 2021 – TRENDFOCUS today announced its new data storage research services will expand into the long-standing tape storage market. Known for its leading industry research and analysis for those seeking dependable market data, TRENDFOCUS sees new possibilities with its now-available Tape and Archive Storage Service offering.

“Data creation is continuing to accelerate, and businesses are increasingly finding themselves in need of ultra-low-cost bulk data storage for both on-premises and cloud applications,” said John Chen, Vice President at TRENDFOCUS. “With the TRENDFOCUS Tape and Archive Storage Service, businesses can understand the market for low-cost, high-capacity secure data storage while receiving global insights on the data storage market.”

Through deep understanding of the demand dynamics between cloud/hyperscale customers versus system OEMs, new reports from the firm’s coverage of tape storage will complete the enterprise data storage market view.

In addition to storage capabilities that are both complementary and competitive to random access storage devices, the TRENDFOCUS Tape and Archive Storage Service will offer annual subscription clients the high-touch, high-velocity analyst access that is a hallmark of the company’s market research services. This service will offer clients a deeper look into long-term supply dynamics and challenges facing all technologies as well.

While tape has long-standing use cases for storing archival data—especially with on-premises applications—adoption by cloud/hyperscale service providers could meaningfully accelerate tape usage in the coming years.

“We’re expecting a complete re-definition of the technology roadmap for tape, and we’re thrilled by the response we’re receiving from our long-standing clients,” said Mark Geenen, TRENDFOCUS Founder and President. “Just as hyperscale has already impacted the direction of both HDD and NAND flash storage design and usage, we’re expecting similar movement from tape as enterprise management starts to shift to seeking lower cost options.

While the TRENDFOCUS Tape and Archive Storage Service will initially establish baseline  trends on how tape is solving for major providers’ needs, the service will evolve to include how both HDD and flash solutions could contribute to archive storage in the future. Coverage of other exciting new technologies such as DNA storage will also enlighten the long-term directions for archival storage over the coming decades.

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