We are the data storage industry’s premier market research and consulting firm and the only company providing detailed market and technical analysis of the entire industry supply chain. With over 70 clients in the U.S., Japan, Asia, and Europe, our distinctive research method blends both “top down/bottom up” and 360 statistical analysis providing our clients with the exacting global data set needed to make complex decisions in today’s environment. TRENDFOCUS clients include global stakeholders in enterprise storage architectures, computing, storage, components, and investment communities.

What excites us the most is when we’re able to help our clients discover unexpected data trends, explore hidden risks and new opportunities, and illuminate their unknown unknowns. We believe in building the kind of relationships that make TRENDFOCUS the only logical choice for your strategic and tactical market analysis needs.


Unparalleled industry expertise

Unlimited access to senior analysts

Culture of collaboration


360-view of your entire ecosystem

Global expertise and insights

Intuitive understanding of competitive pressures


Management consulting experience

Focus on business trends, not just market projections

Ability to illuminate blind spots


Speed of delivery and insights while they still matter

Customizable data views

Flexible engagement model that scales to whatever you need

Our research expertise encompasses:

  • Cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise storage, HDD and SSD storage for PCs, supply chain for HDDs, NAND and SSD, media and substrates, heads, equipment and materials
  • Market segments & demand interconnects
  • Enterprise storage, personal computers, consumer electronics, solid state drives, external drives
  • Transitions and capital spending, risk assessment of infrastructure

Our research focus includes:

  • Supply/demand trend analyses — shipments, market shares, and pricing
  • Technology — roadmaps, enablers, and disruptors
  • Capital investment upgrades and trends
  • Demand interconnects into the wider computing ecosystem
  • Competitive analysis and risk assessments